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Get smart and ride the wave of the Maxcoin reboot!

A new downturn in Bitcoin and the majority of top altcoins this weekend past has left investors wondering what this week will bring for prices. Ethereum has fallen below $300 to currently trade around $286.

Maxcoin has recently been rebooted with a key driver being an Open Source and community led direction. The coin is inspired by Max Keiser, the London-based financial journalist, originally a New York trader, who is a long time proponent of cryptocurrencies, precious metals and crowd sourcing. He currently hosts Keiser Report on RT.

MaxCoin has jumped to a new high this week, spurred by a jump in global trading activity.
The value is up nearly 400% in just the last three weeks, and it has increased from $0.001 last December to a recent high of $0.21.

The current supply is at 54.4 Million of 100 million total. MaxCoin has a proven blockchain running for 3 years using SHA-3 which means SHA-256 bitcoin ASICs and scrypt-based mining rigs cannot be redeployed to mine MaxCoin, putting mining power back into the hands of individuals and amateurs. The time is right for a technically sound, community driven alt-coin with a great brand and champion to go to the next level and challenge the big players!

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