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If you would like to support us by making a MaxCoin donation please use the details below

We have 2 active campaigns running

Donate Maxcoin Organization  : mL3rJwEeNpfXRNzAZnJyYxJf3zprk9qJtm

Donate Maxcoin Wallet Update  : mL3rJwEeNpfXRNzAZnJyYxJf3zprk9qJtm



Proposed Development Bounties
Wallet Update Bounty

Maxcoin community requests an update to our wallets

Website Faucet

To further our marketing needs, a website faucet to give out free maxcoins is needed.


Maxcoin white paper needs to drafted and published to the community at wild


We need to source the correct expertise required to develop a Maxcoin Wallet application for the Android operating system


We need to source the correct expertise required to develop an Apple iPhone Wallet application for the iOS operating system


We need to crowd fund the operating costs of this website and the organisation, so we can recruit cryptographic talent to further our cause.

Talent Recruitment

We need to recruit talented people with the correct expertise with SH3 cryptographic backgrounds, web development, marketing, PR, Strategy, etc.


Develop a list of merchants who support Maxcoin, We then need to a decentralized payment API so our users can pay any merchant with our the need for support of $MAX

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